Campaign Finance in the Longmont City Council Election

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Longmont City Council Election: inappropriate pattern of campaign donations:

City Council provided roughly $27 million for Twin Peaks Mall development and mortgaged four city buildings to do so (Developers NewMark Merrill). See the Times-Call article here. Some interesting campaign donations were accepted by Council member Finley and others running for council…

We are still working through these documents and the info below may have more added (updated 10/19) and also may need corrections. Please verify this info for yourself! All documents submitted by the candidates can be seen here.

Times-Call summary of candidate contributions is here.

Please Let us know if you find any inaccuracies.

Council member Finley Longmont City Council Election Contribution / Expenditure report is here

Rennix Longmont City Council Election Contribution / Expenditure Report is here

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While Finley appears to have collected the most: Other candidates have also accepted maximum and/or multiple donations from New Mark Merrill Companies & executives. Candidates accepting donations from NMM include Mayor Coombs, Council member Brian Bagley, and At Large Candidate Scott Dunn. (their reports can be seen here.)

Those currently seeking office NOT accepting such donations besides myself include Joan Peck, Sarah Levison, and Ron Gallegos.

For Finley, At least $10,245 from one tight knit industry and it’s high-ups – what do you think this industry expects in return?  Why is one industry so highly represented here with virtually NO other business types represented in these donations? I am not anti-business by ANY MEANS! I believe that our city representatives should be beyond reproach and accepting these donations after giving 27 Million to the developers is if nothing else, not well thought out at all and and insensitive to Longmont taxpayers, who ultimately indirectly funded a fair portion of those donations. Did you know leftover campaign funds can be used for “personal development” (i.e. pay for conferences and trips)?

Below are some highlights, with some more clarity (thank you google) from Council member Finley’s report:

Twin Peaks – 6 Longmont City Council Election donations to Bonnie Finley from New Mark Merrill – $27 million construction grant beneficiary and Friends = at least $2820
$590 NewMark Merrill (Twin Peaks developer)
$230 The CEO of New Mark Merrill Sandy Siegal
$590 Siegal Investments (Name sound familiar yet?)
$590 NMC Mountain States (NewMark Merrill Mountain States)
$590 “NMMS Twin PK” NewMark Merrill Mountain States
$230 Allen (and Jeanne) Ginsborg NMMS Exec

Construction/Housing Industry Donates $7425 to Bonnie Finley in Longmont City Council Election
$590 Mt View Steel / (Welding) Construction: -Structural / Misc Steel Fab
$590 Mtn View Apts

$500 Tebo Properties (commercial property)
$590 Frontier Companies (developer/Mill Village apartments on Ken Pratt)
$230 W Burden (Business and commercail properties)
$100 Kathy Crowder (Realtor)
$230 Arch Gothard – Breakenridge Real Estate
$525 Zephyr Management – Contractors
$590 150 Main LLC (developers/butterball)
$590 Realtor Candidate Political Action Committee 
$590 Zumbido Lending
$230 Metro Housing Coalition is the political arm of the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metro Denver
$300 Golden Triangle Construction – Builders of Longmont Humane Society facility 
$590 Aspen-Gold Development Company
$590 Grand View Meadows apartments in Longmont
$590 The Meadows ^^^^same as above?^^^^

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