Open Letter to Musicians who use Stageit or Concert Window

Some musicians I ADORE have been doing Stageit and Concert Window shows lately….

I LOVE THIS IDEA. But please, spend a few bucks on a half decent USB microphone! The microphone in your macbook sucks. Your fans will thank you!



They are ~okay~ for spoken word/video conferencing, but not music. I personally won’t even use the laptop mic for video conferencing unless I am on the road. In the mean time – GET REALLY CLOSE to the laptop. Sound level drops by -6db every time you double the distance to the microphone! Please share to those who need to know!  Pictured are 2 different USB mics you can pick up on Amazon for under $50. You can also get a XLR>1/8″ converter if you use a microphone with phantom power or can provide it easily enough.

You likely never get to hear yourself in one of these performances, but your fans do! My setup goes out through HDMI from my computer to my stereo, so the quality issues are VERY noticeable.

What you need doesn’t cost too much!

  1. Quick and Dirty:
    Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid
    This is a decent microphone for what it is and will beat the hell out of your laptop microphone. This is a pretty cheap and easy way to go for a “much better than you have now” setup. The above is a cardioid (tight pattern) mic. If you are playing with a group, you might want the omni-directional model. Be sure to check out the various offerings and get what is right for you!
  2. Use the good microphone you already have!
    XLR>1/8 cable
    This is your best bet. If your microphone supplies phantom power (likely has a 9v battery in it like the AKGC1000) all you need is an XLR>1/8″ adaptor like this. 
  3. If your good microphone doesn’t supply phantom power, get something like this along with the adaptor above.
    Phantom Power
    You’ll also need another, standard XLR>XLR cable, and you likely already have a bunch of these in the van.