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Paul Rennix in the community

Community Music Series
“I’ve hosted a non profit concert series in Longmont for several years, and previously in Lafayette and Fort Collins for almost 10 years. I believe in forming community through relationships and that art/music form bonds between people that transcend political and other social barriers,” said Rennix.

Non Profit Leadershit
“I’ve been on the Board of Directors for the Steam Powered Preservation Society, a non-profit/501c-3 dedicated to the preservation of Americana music since it was first formed in 2003.”

Paul Rennix, HOA President:
Working to solve disputes the community: “I was the president of my HOA at South Pointe, a 300+ home community in Lafayette, Colorado. I joined the HOA because I don’t trust HOAs! I wanted to be sure we were fiscally responsible and I felt the HOA should do its very best to leave homeowners ALONE.  We fined ZERO homeowners in my 3 years there and worked with people to find good solutions to various problems.”

Paul Rennix on the issues:
Fracking – Jobs & Business – Marijuana, dispensaries and processing businesses
Affordable Housing – The Arts / Music – River Corridor – Education
FasTracks Taxes and Development
Marijuana Businesses

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