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I am not currently seeking office, but I am always active supporting causes or fighting / supporting legislation. I am generally pretty progressive. I consider myself a conscious capitalist (lower case intended).

Core Beliefs : Policy

  • Almost all policy is best implemented and put into practice at the most local level first.
  • Obvious exception to the above are attempts to limit rights given at higher levels. Rights are best affirmed at the national/state level first, given states and localities have the opportunity to expand those rights within their jurisdictions.
  • Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to contribute directly or indirectly to campaigns at any level of government.
  • I believe in states rights and local control, but not in limiting citizen rights more narrowly than higher levels of government.
  • Corporations should not be able to recieve money from government in excess of their federal taxes paid.

Core Beliefs : Personal

  • 95% of life is showing up.
    • Meet people. Be nice, even to those you disagree with that are in office or hold non-elected positions of power. You can disagree with with someone and not have them discount you / run the other way when they see you coming.
    • Show up at local governement hearings, city council, county comissioner’s meetings
    • Have coffee or burn one 🙂 with officials and local staff whenever possible.
    • Volunteer for boards/comissions/etc whenever possible.
  • Beliefs, like policy, are best exercised and put into practice at a local level first.
  • Nobody should go hungry. Not here in Longmont, in Colorado, or anywhere. We have plenty of money to feed everyone.
  • Access to healthcare and sick time for all. Do you want someone at a restaurant or at a daycare or 7-11, or ANYWHERE infecting the public or co-workers because they can’t afford to stay home when sick? Nobody should lose a home or go into bankruptcy for having a heart attack or getting cancer – We need to improve/fix the ACA/ObamaCare.

Your donations, off cycle, will go to my political work current or future – printing, advertising, other real costs, etc. I cannot guarantee which, if any political office I will run for in the future or for which cause your funds will be used. This means without an intended office or current campaign – your donation is NOT tax deductable.
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Old Entries:

Paul Rennix Endorsed by the Boulder Weekly in Longmont City Council Election 2015

Longmont City Council Election Election Guide coverage here (2015 election):

Times-Call Article:  Paul Rennix: Arts, startups, marijuana the way to go for Longmont Social Media worker, music advocate running for City Council Ward 3 seat


Paul Rennix Endorsed by Longmont City Man1200x900-home-rule-pedrow-quote-womanager of 17 years (1993-2013), Gordon Pedrow in Longmont City Council Election
“I support Paul Rennix for Ward 3 City Council because he is an enthusiastic champion of HOME RULE for all land use matters. Paul knows that only through local control can we protect strong neighborhoods and maintain the outstanding quality of life we have in Longmont.”
Gordon L. Pedrow

Paul Rennix Endorsed by the Boulder Weekly in Longmont City Council Election
“And finally, in Ward 3, we endorse Paul Rennix. He is a political newcomer who understands Longmont’s needs for affordable housing, protection from oil and gas extraction and improved mass transportation from RTD, including getting what we already paid for. He is also interested in growing Longmont’s art community and creating more opportunity for nightlife, including live music.

We appreciate his opponent Bonnie Finley taking the time to meet with us. We enjoyed our conversation. We are in no way questioning her character or honesty, but we continue to believe that her employment with the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI) is a problem, if for no other reason than it can create the appearance of impropriety even if none exists on certain issues.

CACI has been very active in promoting the oil and gas industry and fracking in Colorado. Employees of CACI (not Finley) are current or former members of the board of oil and gas front groups such as Vital for Colorado and Common Sense Policy Roundtable, the latter working with the Koch brothers and also being involved in the controversial REMI program at CU’s Leeds School of Business which was recently reported by Boulder Weekly.

As reported previously by BW, these groups, along with Colorado Concern — an organization made up of the state’s wealthiest political donors — have set a specific political agenda to be pursued at all levels of government. This agenda includes promoting the oil and gas industry and fighting against all fracking bans and moratoriums. These groups that CACI supports are dedicated to creating laws that will make it difficult to impossible for citizens to put forward initiatives in the future that would change the state constitution, allowing communities to control oil and gas extraction or setbacks. Their agenda also includes trying to overturn Colorado’s construction defects law, which critics of the tactic claim is a ploy to increase profits for condominium developers at the expense of homeowners. Many such developers are members of the groups mentioned above.

We have witnessed Finley’s stance on oil and gas while on Council and the Times-Call recently reported that one of her issues in her next term, should she get one, will be “taking action at the municipal level on Colorado’s construction defects law.”

Finley insists that her day job at CACI has no bearing on her votes on Longmont City Council. But we believe that in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety — which is a necessary ingredient for the public to have confidence in its government — she should have previously (and in the future, should she win another term), at a minimum, recused herself from Council votes on issues such as oil and gas or construction defects laws wherein her employer is actively lobbying for specific outcomes.

And there you have it. These are some of the reasons we endorse Sarah Levison, Joan Peck, Brian Bagley and Paul Rennix. We believe they are the best choices to lead Longmont into its bright future by working collaboratively to solve myriad problems associated with being a highly desirable place to live with limited housing and other resources.”


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Paul Rennix is 47 years old and has lived on the Front Range in Colorado continuously for 25 years, Boulder County for 11. “I purchased my home here in Longmont, and plan to stay. I feel it is my obligation to help make it better. City Council needs someone who isn’t afraid to be different.  At the same time, I think its important to work with existing council members and to encourage what’s best for the community without ‘left’ or ‘right’ labels.”

“I will be a reasonable, well tempered voice for Longmont citizens. I will be the councilperson for the everyday citizen; accessible and reachable and in touch. The voice of the voter is paramount. I will be myself and do what is right and will not be focused on the next election. I will stand up against the status quo and speak up for you! I do not plan a career in politics!”

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Fracking – Jobs & Business – Marijuana, dispensaries and processing businesses
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FasTracks Taxes and Development
Marijuana Businesses

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