Boulder All-Star Tribute to Bob Dylan 5/17/09 Chautauqua, Boulder, CA

Produced by Greg Schochet; recorded by Paul Rennix; mastered by David Glasser and edited by Steven Haver, Airshow Mastering.

please kick down for the show and support the Oral Cancer Foundation then let me know what you think!

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SHOW NOTES presents Boulder All-Star Tribute to Bob Dylan, Chautauqua Community House, Boulder, CO 5/17/09

(A Benefit Show for The Oral Cancer Foundation)

Music communities are often knit together by a few people. In Boulder, producer/teacher/bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Greg Schochet holds that role in the acoustic music world. For four years, he’s recruited friends and bandmates to a musical Bob Dylan Birthday Party, a show for 100 fans with all proceeds donated to the Oral Cancer Foundation. Greg claims with some pride that even after 4 years of shows, no song has been repeated.

Of the 3+ hours of entertainment, Greg selected these songs to represent the event. A highlight for some was Halden Wofford’s dramatic reading (from his iPhone) of Patrick Cullie’s tale of survival as lighting director for the Rolling Thunder Revue.

Blue Canyon Duo (Gary Dark and Jason Hicks)
Dave McIntyre
Lazarus Brothers (Aaron Keim and Scott McCormick of Boulder Acoustic Society)
Gregory Alan Isakov
Andy Monley
Peter Fiori and Greg Schochet
Greg Schochet and Scott McCormick
Billy and Jilian Nershi
Halden Wofford and The Hi-Beams (Greg Schochet, Bret Billlings, Ben O’Connor, Damon Smith)
Swing State (Greg Schochet, Bill Pontarelli, Nancy Thorwardson, Aaron Keim)
Cowhause (Janet Feder and Colin Bricker)

Produced by Greg Schochet; recorded by Paul Rennix; mastered by David Glasser and edited by Steven Haver, Airshow Mastering.

Verizon PC5740 wireless broadband card and Linux authentication

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The reason for this post is so that someone else will find it useful sooner or later. Install on Window$, tell it your phone number, then go back to Linux.

Jeff and Vida 4/11/2009

A fun set by the Jeff and Vida band. Recorded at one of our musical potlucks.

Source: 2 center mics: Marshall 2003’s>V3>R44 @2448
2 outer mics: AKG C1000s>R44 @2448
(unamplified set at the Rail, mics set in front of band)

Transfer: SDHC>PC. SF9 4 track at 2448, mixed to 2 channels 80/20 middle+outer, normed > 16/44.1

Jeff Burke: Mandolin and Guitar
Vida Wakeman: Guitar
Jake Schepps: Banjo
Greg Schochet: Guitar
Justin Hoffenberg: Fiddle
Will Downes: Bass

listen here

Expedition Quartet – 4/11/2009

Jake Schepps – Banjo
Ryan Drickey – Fiddle
Greg Schochet – Guitar and Mandolin
Ian Hutchison – Bass

Audio – download or stream entire set here

lossless flac files available at the

Support theses artists in a real way by seeing them live and buying their commercial releases.


2 center mics: Marshall 2003’s>V3>R44 @2448
2 outer mics: AKG C1000s>R44 @2448
(unamplified set, mics set in front of band)

SDHC>PC. SF9 4 track at 2448, mixed to 2 channels 80/20 middle+outer, normed > 16/44.1

One Set

01 Pampas
02 Seventh Heaven
03 Christina’s
04 One Lane
05 Bartok
06 Royal Garden
07 Sweedish?
08 Red Fox
09 Newagon – an example of good customer service, when things go wrong.

I had some difficulty with a order. I use them often (6 or so times a year), and this order could have been the last one – but guess what? They stood behind their product and made things right.

I’ll let the world know when something goes bad, but I’m determined to also let the world know when something goes right. These folks deliver a good product at a good price and they stand behind their service.


Finders and Youngberg 9/27/2008

Streamindividual mp3′szip of entire show (mp3)

As promised, this is the second half of the first performance of our 2008 Fall Season – Finders and Youngberg. See the Swing State post for more details about the series. This is another 4-track from the same night and the music is sweet. Great picken and powerful words.

Swing State took the first half of the evening, followed by Finders and Youngberg. Here is part two!

Finders and Youngberg is:

  • Mike Finders – Guitar, Harmonica
  • Amy Finders – Mandolin, Lead Vocals
  • Aaron Youngberg – Banjo, Peddle Steel
  • Erin Youngberg – Bass

Finders and Youngberg
The Rail Musical Potlucks
Lafayette, CO

Source: 2 center mikes were MXL20003s >V3>R44. Two outer mikes: AKGC1000s>R44@2448.
Normed and mixed in SF9.

01 Iowa Winter
02 Adeline
03 Go Ahead and Leave
04 Old Shine Crow
05 Freight Train
06 Back in the Band
07 Same Old Me, Sake Old You
08 Perfect Little Life
09 Roots Run Deep
10 Ball and Chain Blues
11 Cold Hard Rain
12 Bushel Basket
13 Blues Aint Nothing But A Good Man Feeling Bad
14 This Land is Your Land (w/crowd sing along)

Buy their CD here:

Swing State 9/27/2008

Streamindividual mp3′szip of entire show (mp3)
for flac, look in drive 1 for SwingState20080927.flac16

I figured I would give this a spin and bring you the first performance of our 2008 Fall Season. We gather with a bunch of friends and have a pre-music potluck with the musicians, then the musicians play, then we usually have an ‘after pick’ as many of the guests are local grassers. I record all of these unamplified gatherings, and mike right up front. This is the first 4-track I’ve done with the HD-P2 and I’m excited to be doing more 4 track goodness as time goes on.

Swing State took the first half of the evening, followed by Finders and Youngberg. (The F&Y set will be posted later on.)

Swing state is made up of some Colorado All-Stars including:

  • Greg Schochet Mandolin & Guitar (The Hi*Beams, Expedition, The All Night Honky Tonk All-Stars, Runaway Truck Ramp)
  • Nancy Thorwardson Guitar & Lead Vocals (Blue Mountain Ranch Hands, gadzukes)
  • Aaron Keim Bass (Boulder Acoustic Society, Flat Foot, Hudson Super Six)
  • Bill Pontarelli Clarinet (Flexigrass, Deco Django)

Swing State
The Rail Musical Potlucks
Lafayette, CO

Source: 2 center mikes were MXL20003s >V3>R44. Two outer mikes: AKGC1000s>R44@2448 (unamplified set)
Normed and mixed in SF9.

01 Sing Me a Swing Song
02 Rose Room
03 Walkin Stick
04 Devil
05 Kansas City Kitty
06 Back to Colorado
07 East Tennesse
08 It’s All Your Fault
09 Hear You Knocken
10 Old Fashioned Love
11 Shake That Thing
12 Pampas

On Sharing Music For Free

People know me from many worlds. Many from a shared love of roots Americana music (including putting up with my microphones in your face or letting me clamp to your stand), Rail potlucks,, from the campground at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons or Telluride, from work at Gnip / Twitter in Boulder, neighbors and old friends spread throughout the world now. I consider myself to be SO LUCKY to get to have the fun I do with so many fun, diverse, and talented people.

As I make these posts I hope you get to enjoy some new art, maybe even a new kind of art. I also hope you are encouraged to go see some live music, be it in a club or a campground or a festival or a living room. Get some live music in your life!

The Steam Powered Preservation Society & Bruce Molsky

I work with this 501c3 non-profit for I think 5 years now. The SPPS does preservation of Americana music. We take decaying reel-to-reel, casette, or other distressed media and digitize, master, and research the material. The worthwhile, non-commercial material is shared in an electronic library for students of Americana, musicians, and music lovers to enjoy.

The SPPS shares the music with folks who don’t know about this beautiful music and those that do stay excited. Getting to follow an artist’s live work keeps people excited, and leads to sales of tickets and cds for these often under appreciated American treasures. The SPPS is in the works with some interesting opportunities to partner with events and other like-minded organizations. We’re seeing more people get involved everyday as the website has gone from a static webpage to real Americana news source with a growing and talented staff of writers. Check it out, and see the exclusive story on KC Groves written by Sarah Hagerman, just published today.

You can become a fan of the SPPS on facebook. You’ll hear about more great tunes!

I do the ‘backend’ server stuff & used to do the web page but luckily found Chris Coyier – a real webmaster and CSS guru who gave our site a nice overhaul a couple months back. Now all I have to do is add content to the wordpress installation he did, and it’s beautiful. I also do onsite archival/recording mostly around Boulder County, Colorado. (Because, I’m super lucky.)

No matter which world you and I share already, I want to share with you the SPPS and a great musician: Bruce Molsky. Bruce is an amazing Americana musician. Call it Old-Time or Americana or Folk or whatever you will, he’s a living treasure and not enough people know about him.

You may wonder why the heck would an artist like Bruce let us record him and share this music for free? I can’t really speak for him, but here’s my take on it. Many hard working super talented musicians are out there that you will never hear on the radio (well, maybe on KGNU). Many people have never heard of these great musicians & many have never had the chance to appreciate this kind of music.

In talking to artists over the years of recording them, the ones that ‘get it’ understand that more fans is a good thing. Real fans buy tickets and commercial releases, so if a great recording like this helps you get to know this kind of music and Bruce in particular, then it works and it works well. It works really well when a listener is inspired to go an buy a CD or two after falling in love with the music.

After you check out the show below, if you feel inspired, give a virtual thumbs up here. it’s just like applause.

This is a fantastic set of music. just beautiful. It was recorded by David Avery who does a great share of the reel to reel digitization for the spps.

some free-to-share music follows. download it, put it on whatever you listen to music on, give it to a friend, but never, ever sell it : ) Keep scrolling to see the setlist near the bottom of this note.

instant stream

individual mp3s

entire show mp3 in a zip file

flacs (if you don’t know what they are, use one of the links above)
grab at via ftp for flacs.
server –
user – thespps
pw – thespps
(in the partners/brucemolsky/flac folder)

Bruce Molsky with Brittany Haas
January 16, 2009
Princeton Folk Music Society
Christ Congregation Church
Princeton, NJ

Recording: Whirlwind stage splitter > Reutelhuber custom mic pre-amp>
Alesis HD24XR
Inputs: Bruce Fiddles – DI, Vocal – Shure SM87C, Brittany fiddle -
Schoeps MK4, Guitar/Banjo – Audix condenser, ambient – Schoeps MK2

Set 1
1. The Scolding Wife > Sandy River > The Lost Indian
2. Peg An Awl
3. Bimini Gal
4. Fare The Well Blues
5. Fortune
6. Wild Bill Jones
7. Lady Hamilton
8. The Forked Deer
9. The Poor Cowboy
10. Cotton Eyed Joe

Set 2
1. Lazy John > Medley of Metis-Style Canadian Fiddle Tunes > Whiskey
Before Breakfast (Spirits At Sunrise)
2. Lotus Blomen > The Holling
3. The Brass Band Rachenitsa
4. The Lost Indian
5. The Blackest Crow (w/ Brittany Haas)
6. The Red Steer (w/ Brittany Haas)
7. On My Street
8. Solly’s Little Favorite > Old Sledge
9. Grigsby’s Hornpipe > Pickin’ The Devil’s Eye Out (w/ Brittany Haas)