I am Paul Rennix 

Mahalo i ka mea i loaʻa

There are a couple of us out there. Maybe this will help:

I graduated high school in 1986 in Unionville, PA..
Moved to Colorado permanently in 1990 and have been here ever since.
Attended CSU in Fort Collins, CO. BS in Business Admin/CIS
CIO @Earthnet in Boulder for 7 years then
Gnip which was acquired by
Twitter for 9+ years until the great RIF, laid of in ’23.
Now taking a dive
a long flight and a drive..
surfacing somewhere in 24..

My favorite hobby is community.
I organize music and food and bring people together.

Colorado and Pennsylvania are the only 2 states I’ve lived in.
I’ve never been the preacher of any church.
I have all my wisdom teeth ‘cept one.
I have never been charged with or convicted of any crime or misdemeanor.
(I have had a couple speeding tickets, but those troubles are long behind me.)
I am a music freak. I’ve recorded many live music events,
…a few of which can be found on archive.org.
I’ve also hosted many musical events – including concerts, house concerts,
and multi band events. I organize a couple annual campouts called “Rail on the River” which are geared towards musicians and music lovers.

I learned to code on a Commodore 64 (back in the day!) and later took part in the CSU/IBM Linux Hub (2002-2004ish) where we experimented with the beginnings of cloud computing using virtual Linux servers running on an s390 IBM Mainframe.

My favorite holidays are New Years and Independence Day.
My favorite color is blue.
I believe in chaos.
favorite number is 42.


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